Eastern District Of Texas Bar Association

2015 Conference Materials followed by 2014 Conference

These are all the bios and materials provided by speakers at the 2015 Bench Bar Conference:

Mystery Law Clerks Panel:  Panel Outline  Law Clerk Bios

Local Rules & the Local Rules Process: 2015 Amendments Scheindlin

EDiscovery: Ch. Judge Ron Clark Bio; 2015 Amendments Scheindlin

Alice, Is it a Software Infringers’ Wonderland:  Alice Powerpoint Sec 101 Article  Prof. Peter Menell Article  Judge P. Michel Bio  Judge RW Trey Schroeder Bio

Patent Damages:  Materials Patent Primer Ch. Judge Ron Clark Bio Judge R. Gilstrap Bio  Judge J. Love Bio  S. Williams Bio

Views from the Top:  Monica Magnusson Bio

Twenty Years…with the Federal Circuit

Arbitration: Susman Article

Social Media Mining:  Golden Nuggets

Can Collegiality & Professionalism Survive in a World of Sanctions? R. Schwartz Bio Judge R. Furgeson Bio

Corporate Perspectives:  Ken Korea Bio  Karen Robinson Bio

Writing to Win, Steven D. Stark :  Tips 1  Tips 2  Tips 3

Pop Culture:  Materials

Fresh Faces of the ED Texas:  Clyde Siebman Bio  Jeanne Heffernan Bio  Judge A. Mazzant Bio  Judge N. Mitchell Bio

Wyatt Earp Trial Background:  OK Corral


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